Family Force 5 Official Music Video “Cray Button” directed by Isaac Deitz

Here’s the latest music video from my good friend, Isaac Deitz. Spoiler: It has a special quest appearance by Lecrae (

Isaac makes the Canon t2i look so dang good… that’s just one of the skills I admire about Isaac. Most people in the ‘indie’ arena of filmmaking only worry about having the top of the line cinema grade camera or what have you (which is one of the worst mindsets to have. granted, equipment is awesome) but Isaac just grabs the idea by the throat and brings it to life. (excuse the terrible metaphor) The day we met at my house, we ended up talking about life, film and Jesus for about 6 hours.  Apart from Isaac’s skills as a filmmaker, he’s a great guy with a huge heart. I was actually supposed to be apart of Isaac’s crew on this shoot in Texas but due to my schedule conflicting… it didn’t happen but I think we will be working on many projects in the future… we’ll just have to wait and see.

To see more of Isaac’s work:



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