Here’s the video I’ve been working on this month. It’s a unique piece I’ve wanted to do for sometime now. Without further a due, here it is. :)

The idea behind the creation:

If you’re given a piece of paper and told to create something… what would you make? A paper airplane? A crumbled up paper ball? A picture of you and your family or would you just let it sit there doing nothing? All of us would most likely create something totally different, which is the beauty of it. Whatever tool you use, use it to create.

Thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “create.

  1. Great job, Justin. I enjoyed the visual creativity of your project, the rhythm, and the overall expression of the beauty and diversity of creation.

  2. Amazing Justin! God is glorified when we create things to give the glory back to Him. I’m thankful we serve a Creator God. Create and point people to the Creator. Great job buddy.

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