new sketch “halftime”

Here’s my latest comedy sketch featuring Chris Burch, Torry Martin and Gunner Willis. 3 hilarious dudes in one video. My roommate Chris Burch brought this idea to me and after sitting in class, I started writing. After some sessions with Chris, this is what came to be. Hope you enjoy it.


Behind the scenes:

One thing that you may not know about this video is that the audio was recorded entirely on a rode mic. If you know anything about a rode mic, you know that you wouldn’t use it for your main source of audio. Well, long story short, the boom mic I was supposed to use was completely busted. We found out the morning of the shoot. We tried everything we could; a new ZoomH4N, SD cards, XLRs, and I even sweet-talked it… but it was broken. I had to make a decision. We had to shoot and the rode mic was all I had left. So my boom op, Ryan Hendrick did what he could in a really noisy environment. After putting on my doctor gloves, I went to surgery on the audio… it was bloody but there was a heartbeat. I also had Caleb Furrow help clean as well. After an open heart transplant, the audio was passable. Hopefully you didn’t know but I know some of you (film peeps) knew. Obviously, I know it’s not amazing but sometimes, you just gotta go with what you got.

Here’s some behind the scenes photos by Ashley Marquiss.

Here’s some behind the scenes photos by Ashley Campbell

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