Apart from my own attempts at screenwriting, this is what I do in my “downtime” on pretty much a 24-7 daily basis. I study films, watch interviews, listen to soundtracks, re-watch No Country For Old Men, study screenshots and read scripts. Sleep isn’t at the top of the food chain for me.

Here’s a great website I found through a fellow filmmaker, Colin Mcquire. Great cinematography frame-by-frame: http://evanerichards.com/2011/2018

Scripts I’ve been studying:

Zero Dark Thirty – written by Mark Boal


Django Unchained – written by Quentin Tarantino


Argo – written by Chris Terrio


Music that’s been on repeat:

“The Vikings” show is pretty sick. A very unique take and style on the vikings. It’s a little strange at times but what I dig about it is the coloring, genre, costumes, locations, floki, music, acting and freaking Ragnar’s mohawk. Medieval-ish stuff is one of my favorite genres of all time.

I’ve also been studying some Wes Anderson films as of late (Thanks, Gunner!) For some of them, it’s my first watch. If you’ve seen any of his work, you know how unique and somewhat weird his style is. The funny thing is, it usually works. I do know that some people either hate or love his films but I find myself learning from his strengths and weaknesses. 3 things I love about Wes Anderson: 1) His stories usually have some aspect of family, filled with broken people and family issues. 2) How he tells his story with his camera. Wide angle, strange framing and long jib shots. 3) His musical choices. His movies are filled with quirky songs from all genres. I find myself writing to playlists of music from his movies on spotify.

Short films that have inspired me lately:

“Cargo” – This little story reveals the deep love of a father in the midst of hellish conditions.


“The Candidate” – A brilliant idea that keeps the mind moving, great cinematography, awesome style with pounding music. Some language.


“Bone-yeerd” – A  strange, dark film, but beautifully told. Plus, this film features a brilliant actor friend of mine, Mark Ashworth.


I’d love to know what film stuff you study.

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