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photo by claire conner

In a perfect world, I’d love to write and direct feature films one day. For now, I’m just trying to create potent short films as building blocks to help find my voice in this loud, imperfect world.

on the set of RIFFRAFF, March 2015.


on the set of POPEYE THE PIZZA MAN, October 2014.

View More: http://shawnstom.pass.us/popeyebts

on the set of GRAPE SODA, July 2014.

View More: http://shawnstom.pass.us/grapesoda

on the set of ANY GIVEN TUESDAY, March 2014.

View More: http://shawnstom.pass.us/anygiventuesdayphotographs by Shawn Stom

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  1. Hello Justin my name is Jesse Sledge and I am a filmmaker from Illinois. I absolutely love your work, you have such talent and drive and really seem to know how to communicate your art in such a beautiful and inspiring way from script to screen. I just wanted you to know that you are a huge inspiration and if you ever needed help with anything I will do my best to accommodate you, even if we are states away. Keep up the incredible work Justin.

    -Jesse Sledge

  2. Hi Justin.

    Awesome stuff. Love your work. I live in Australia, but if you ever need any help with your screenplays (in any way), please contact me.



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