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TheChrisBurch. Who is that? I’m glad you asked, I’d love to tell you. Chris Burch is a man of many talents, one of those being his knack for comedy. In short, he’s funny, that’s what I’m trying to say. If you’ll let me finish, I’ll tell you how I was able to convince him to be in some of my videos. The first time I knew of his existence was through a video that my friend Chris Brank made, “What Are You Doing?” ( Before the video played, Brank told me that this kid was funny and boy was he right. After watching the video, I knew I had to meet this dude. With mutual friends such as Chris Brank and Ryan Hendrick, our divine introduction followed and it was love at first laugh. If I made a graph to show you how much laughter was had by us 4 during any given hang out session, the graph would be off the charts. (Pun intended.)

Our friendship blossomed like a butterfly going through puberty. I expressed my desire to cast him in some of my videos and he welcomed it with open arms. My heart for filmmaking is definitely on the dramatic side but I do love writing comedy sketches in between serious projects. I’ve heard it said that directing is 80% casting and if that’s so I’ll keep casting Chris. One of my favorite things about writing and directing is that I get the opportunity to share people’s talents through film. Jamie Costa was one of the first, key ingredients to the recipe of sharing. To see Mr. Costa in action: With Chris, I’m like the dad with a super athletic son who dominates in sports and I just watch and cheer. I wrote a very random sketch in one of my classes during my spring 2012 semester and after I gave the script a bath, I brought it before him and and my friend Addi Musen (Addi is the funniest girl I know.) I write scripts a lot but I trash more of them than I use but once I heard them read the lines, I was ready to rock. That sketch came to life in the form of “Date Night”

Apart from being in videos and just all around comedy, Chris has an awesome heart for God and for people. One of the ways he shows love for people is lightening their load with laughter. He has a huge heart to serve, leaving his bias and agenda behind. THAT’S VERY RARE ON A FILM SET. Some people have things happen in their lives to where it makes them grow up in a drastic amount of time, Burch is one of those people. I know God has blessed Chris with the gift of a Will Ferrell like feel for comedy. I mean he could literally walk around a funeral home and make people die of laughter. I’m not a comedy sketch writing genius by any means and I know I have a million things to learn but I sometimes have the ability to spot bad ideas. I’ve been apart of a few unplanned pitch sessions in my day BUT Chris has actually cooked up some above average ideas. :) One of those being the last sketch we did “halftime”

We made a few sketches over the summer and after he finished his 2-year degree from Spartanburg Methodist College, he then wanted to pursue a degree from North Greenville University. Since his commute to work and school would be so drastic, he needed a place to stay. I always try to be very intentional with my friends in how I can be the best friend I can be and I vividly remember God telling me, “This is how you can be the Gospel to him”. Apart from my brother Jordan, I’ve never had a roommate because I’ve always commuted to school. Living with the Chris Burch has been one of the funniest things ever. I’m sure you can imagine.

I write all of this because I wanted to share The Chris Burch with the world. He’s been a huge encouragement to me, not only with filmmaking, but in my pursuit trying to be the man God has called me to be. Here’s some videos of where you can watch him in action. Be sure to stalk him on Twitter, Instagram, and Halo – thechrisburch

“date night”



“violent friendships”

“education system”

“Chalk Warfare 2″ by Sokrispymedia

new sketch “halftime”

Here’s my latest comedy sketch featuring Chris Burch, Torry Martin and Gunner Willis. 3 hilarious dudes in one video. My roommate Chris Burch brought this idea to me and after sitting in class, I started writing. After some sessions with Chris, this is what came to be. Hope you enjoy it.


Behind the scenes:

One thing that you may not know about this video is that the audio was recorded entirely on a rode mic. If you know anything about a rode mic, you know that you wouldn’t use it for your main source of audio. Well, long story short, the boom mic I was supposed to use was completely busted. We found out the morning of the shoot. We tried everything we could; a new ZoomH4N, SD cards, XLRs, and I even sweet-talked it… but it was broken. I had to make a decision. We had to shoot and the rode mic was all I had left. So my boom op, Ryan Hendrick did what he could in a really noisy environment. After putting on my doctor gloves, I went to surgery on the audio… it was bloody but there was a heartbeat. I also had Caleb Furrow help clean as well. After an open heart transplant, the audio was passable. Hopefully you didn’t know but I know some of you (film peeps) knew. Obviously, I know it’s not amazing but sometimes, you just gotta go with what you got.

Here’s some behind the scenes photos by Ashley Marquiss.

Here’s some behind the scenes photos by Ashley Campbell


Here’s the video I’ve been working on this month. It’s a unique piece I’ve wanted to do for sometime now. Without further a due, here it is. :)

The idea behind the creation:

If you’re given a piece of paper and told to create something… what would you make? A paper airplane? A crumbled up paper ball? A picture of you and your family or would you just let it sit there doing nothing? All of us would most likely create something totally different, which is the beauty of it. Whatever tool you use, use it to create.

Thanks for watching.

“The Pod” – behind the scenes

In early July, I had the opportunity to connect and work with a fellow filmmaker Adam Drake in Nashville, TN on his upcoming short film “The Pod” – my role on set was just to shoot behind the scenes footage for the DVD. Adam Drake directed this film side by side his friend and fellow filmmaker, director/DP Mike White. It’s a fun, sci-fi film  shot on the Red Scarlet.

Here’s the BTS video.

“The Pod” – trailer

Look up “The Pod” on Facebook:

“create.” video project

Here are some screenshots of a little piece I’m working on this month. This project “create.” features artists of all kinds creating in their own way… hopefully inspiring creativity. The purpose of this video is to encourage you to create with whatever tool(s) may be in front of you. If you’re given a piece of paper and told to create something in 10 minutes…. what would you make? A paper airplane? A crumbled up paper ball? A picture of you and your family or would you just let it sit there doing nothing? All of us would most likely create something totally different than one another, which is awesome. That’s the idea – create.

The way I create and express is through film… what about you?

PS: This song helps my creative juices flow like Niagra falls. I hope it helps you.


Incase you ever wanted to know some of my favorite films, directors and actors.

Favorite movies of all time: 

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

The Pianist (2002)

3-10 to Yuma (2007)

Rear Window (1954)

Warrior (2011)

Terminator Salvation (2009)

The Village (2004)

Rope (1948)

Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Band of Brothers – miniseries

Braveheart (1995)

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Edge of Darkness (2010)

The Grey (2012)

The Avengers (2012)

Signs (2002)

Wrecked (2010)

No Country for Old Men (2007)

Ratatouille (2007)

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (2010)

The Bourne trilogy

Lord of the Rings trilogy

The Dark Knight trilogy

Favorite directors:

Alfred Hitchcock

Quentin Tarantino

Steven Speilberg

Christopher Nolan

Mel Gibson

M. Night (2 movies haha)

Wes Anderson

Brandon McCormick

Favorite actors:

Adrian Brody

Mel Gibson

Shia Lebeouf

Ben Foster

Christian Bale

Jessica Chastain

Bryce Dallas Howard

Michael Cain

Favorite TV shows:



The Walking Dead

- What are your favorites?

Family Force 5 Official Music Video “Cray Button” directed by Isaac Deitz

Here’s the latest music video from my good friend, Isaac Deitz. Spoiler: It has a special quest appearance by Lecrae (

Isaac makes the Canon t2i look so dang good… that’s just one of the skills I admire about Isaac. Most people in the ‘indie’ arena of filmmaking only worry about having the top of the line cinema grade camera or what have you (which is one of the worst mindsets to have. granted, equipment is awesome) but Isaac just grabs the idea by the throat and brings it to life. (excuse the terrible metaphor) The day we met at my house, we ended up talking about life, film and Jesus for about 6 hours.  Apart from Isaac’s skills as a filmmaker, he’s a great guy with a huge heart. I was actually supposed to be apart of Isaac’s crew on this shoot in Texas but due to my schedule conflicting… it didn’t happen but I think we will be working on many projects in the future… we’ll just have to wait and see.

To see more of Isaac’s work:



implications of “Call Me, Maybe?” by Carly Rae Jepsen

One of my best friends, Chris Brank ( has done some videos in the past where he and a few guest stars verbally abused the popular songs of our day. As of a few weeks ago, he brought the implications out of retirement with a full new cast, including yours truly, along with Chris Burch and Ryan Hendrick. Enjoy the abuse, maybe.

A few weeks after its release on Youtube, it got picked up by a local news station for a “viral video” segment. Our segment starts at the 3 minute mark.


I was cleaning my room today and found a random piece of paper with something I wrote a long time ago. It’s just a thought and I thought I’d share.

“Savor this moment. You’ll never have it again. Moments are like gusts of wind. By the time you feel them, they’re gone. The plans of our future aren’t held by a calender but by the creator. Whether you believe that or not, we’re all terminal. Our footprints in the sand are eventually covered by the crashing waves of this life.”

4 years.

My brother Jordan died 4 years ago, today… freaking August 19th, 2008. I spent this day in Germany with my brother Jeff and our wonderful German friends. After flying down the autobahn, amazing German food, fellowship & church, we went to the river Rhein to swim and run the speedo patrol. :)

People from all over the world were at the river and little waves were made by huge boats that passed by about every 2 minutes. At a certain point during the fun I came out of the water and heard a massive honking noise from a boat and when I turned to look I saw the name “Jordan” on the front of the boat/ship. I froze. Toby, my German comrade started yelling at me “Look Justin, Jordan!” as I nodded and looked back at the boat, i watched it go by in what felt like slow motion. Tons of boats had passed by that day but this was the only one that honked. It resounded like a sound effect with the bass kicking deep in the water. The only sound I heard was the horn, no water, no German, no talking.

Many moments in my life feel like scenes from a movie (granted I see everything as a movie) but dang, this was. With water dripping from my eyes and rocks beneath my feet, I watched the boat pass. I noticed that the name “Jordan” was not only on the front but on each side of the back with a German name in between. The boat finally went out of focus and I just sat in the water looking up at the sky, “Whoa.” Now, understand that Jordan’s on my mind everyday… all the time… not just the 19th. Sometimes I meet people and that don’t have a clue that I have a brother named Jordan and when they forget my name, they call me Jordan. This happens all the time and it’s always interesting how that’s even possible.

Above all the places to hear or see the name Jordan, it’s plastered in all CAPS on a boat… at the river Rhein… in Germany… on August 19th. Insane. If i was an atheist, i would’ve become a christian today haha! My whole body was flooded with joy and peace. This was a blessing from my King today.

After the Rhein, Jeff, wilhelm and I went to a birthday party for an in-law of my favorite german family, the martens. It was Mexican for dinner and Mr. Bean was on tv in the other room, which brought my heart gladness. After speaking some broken German and Russian, I got to witness the love of Jesus in a loving family. So much joy, so much love and so much laughter was shared. As I filmed, I witnessed something really amazing. One of my favorite things to see is brothers hanging together and families just doing life together. I had a front row seat. What a day.

My heart is still shattered and always will be but through the midst of pain, a tiny little seed of joy lives. Only because of Jesus, that seed exists. Jordans life will not become a piece of dust on a picture mistaken as a memory. I carry everything Jordan was in me, I live 2 lives of purpose. For my hero, Jordan Robinson.

I just wanted to share this moment with you. Thanks for reading.